After two days and many hours, I have succeeded in creating a new header for this blog!  Now I can send off the following post that I wrote days ago.  I think it still applies:

To begin with, I have to admit to a love/hate relationship with the name “Willowpower.”  It sounds sappy. (Pun intended.)  On the other hand, I am finding it to be a perfect metaphor.  So, I ask any readers of this blog to bear with me as I strive to get over the negatives and focus on what works.

In my copy of the Audubon Society’s Familiar Trees of North America the Black Willow tree is described thus:  The largest and most important willow in North America, this species is found throughout the East.  The wood is used for furniture, toys, barrels, and pulpwood.  Large Black Willows help prevent erosion along stream banks.  A subspecies in the lower Mississippi Valley reaches 120 feet or more. If that is today’s metaphor, those of us who support loved ones with eating disorders are not only useful in a very substantive way to children and adults but magestic, stately and adaptable.  Sounds good to me.

Follow this link and you will see a picture of Monet’s Weeping Willow from the collection of the Columbus Museum of Art.  It was painted late in his career in the context of World War II.  It’s not the usual pastel image you might expect from this most well-known Impressionist!