I had dinner with Brutus Buckeye before the OSU basketball game.

There have been several signs lately that spring is around the corner. One was just being able to flip the page on the calendar to put dismal February behind.   Another event that recently forecasted the arrival of spring was the final basketball game for OSU in the Big Ten conference. I am including that because March Madness is upon us….in more ways than one!

Birds at our farm are celebrating the season with great energy.  Although the bluebirds typically stay up north all year, I only caught a few glimpses until now.  They are nesting in our bluebird house and visiting the feeders all day.  The color is shocking.

our bluebird visitor

I had a waterfowl experience yesterday that knocked my socks off!  For the past 10 days there have been a number of pairs of mallards and Canada geese stopping at the pond, all of whom have flown off when the pugs ran like banshees toward them. Then, I noticed a couple that looked different:  bright white chests and sides of their heads, strikingly black adjacent bands, oddly shaped heads.  I ran for Birds of Ohio and identified the Hooded Merganser.  Wow!  You can see for yourself: id

The Redwing Blackbirds are nesting in the dried cattails along the pond and shrieking whenever I approach.  They are often at the feeder, too, and are beautiful.  Saying that someone “eats like a bird” used to describe a small eater, but anyone with a feeder knows that birds eat fiercely and continuously. Right now they are storing up for the huge job of migrating, nest building, and mating.

The earth is being reborn and an epidemic of spring fever is approaching. I plan to enjoy every moment!