Red Fox

The heading of this post dates me, I know, but my heart is singing an aria right now.  The day began with a sighting of a beautiful red fox running very fast through the back yard.  That was before I even had my coffee!  Then I saw three pair of wood ducks on the pond, who have been visiting on and off for a week or two.  Groovy.

Male Wood Duck

This afternoon I took a walk in the meadow and woods with my camera and the pugs.  We saw more surprises and  made some new friends on our way.  Come along and see what we found…

Spring Beauty in the meadow

The Spring Beauties are always the first wildflower I see.  They provide a carpet of small, low growing pink or white flowers that are open during the day and close at night or on cloudy days.  I noticed them for the first time a couple of days ago when we finally got a break from April showers.

Yellow Trout-Lily in the woods

This exotic -looking wildflower is fairly common in wet spring woods like ours.  They have to grow for 6-7 years before they flower, so they probably lived here before we did.  Their name comes from their mottled leaves that supposedly resemble the color and pattern of a brook trout.

Cut-Leaved Toothwort

We saw these at the shady edges of the woods.  “Wort” is the Old English word for plant.  The leaves are “toothed.”


This has been growing on an old log for a very long time.

Mayapple leaves

The mayapples are popping out of the ground in the shady woods.  Soon they will sprout flowers directly under the wide leaves and, eventually, will have “apples.”

But that is not all we saw!







One of our own flock of White Tailed Deer



and a frog...

and another frog...

still another frog...

and one VERY strange frog!