Lola in the woods

It began in April, two years ago. I had been telling a friend at the gym that I felt we needed a second pug to keep Vinny company.  He had become restless and, I must admit, annoying since Buster had died a year before. A woman nearby overheard our conversation and started the ball rolling that led us to Indiana for Lola.

The back story is that this woman had a friend whose mother bred show-pugs.  When the dogs were no longer fit for the ring or, in Lola’s case, never fit for the ring, she neutered them and gave them to a carefully chosen “forever home.”  A 2 year old named Paris was in that position and she volunteered to call her that afternoon. As the cliche goes, the rest is history.  If you are wondering how she became Lola, we had such negative responses to the name “Paris” (thanks to Ms. Hilton) that we changed it to Lola Paris (pronounced Lola Paree) in homage to Barry Manilow’s famous showgirl.

You might assume that Lola is a diva, but you would be wrong.  She is a super farm dog like her brother Vinny, and never misses a chance to chase the deer, climb in the ravine, or drink pond water.  Today they accompanied us on a nature walk at Frog and Toad Farm to see what spring has brought to life.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Rue Anemone

Painted Turtles



Close-up of apple blossom

peach blossom

Where is Vinny?????

A diamond or dewdrop?

Lola Paris is done and waiting for the Metro (inside joke)