Are you looking at ME?

The yard is extremely swampy after days of heavy rain, making it difficult to do our spring work. This beautiful snapping turtle must have been enchanted by it, however, as she walked out of the pond for the first time this year and across the lawn to find the perfect spot to dig a nest.  I clearly interrupted her spring work by running out to take the following pictures, but a lawn is no place for a turtle to spend hours digging!  While I ran back in to appease the pugs who were barking away because I didn’t take them with me, she ran (contrary to myth, turtles can move very fast) back into the pond.  I hope to see her another time moving in another direction.



If you are interested in reading more about this ancient reptile look here Turtle.  She has some interesting habits, including walking off as soon as she lays her eggs.  Not my style of mothering, but it has been working for 215 million years.  This gal was about 18 inches, snout to tip of tail, by my estimation.  And I don’t tend to exaggerate, unlike some people I know.  (You know who you are!)

Even before I had coffee this morning, I saw another gift from Mother Nature that was amazing.  Unfortunately it has been overshadowed by Ms. Turtle.  These mushrooms appeared overnight among the shrubs.


I have no idea what the name of this fungus is other than a cup-type, in spite of owning the definitive guide Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora.  The book is 958 pages and has made mushrooms more mysterious than I ever imagined.  I really just wanted to find a way to tell the edible from the killers, but there is no short way to do that.  In fact, we have gone out to look for morels the past weekends (not that I have ever found them, or even like them, or would  trust my judgement if I thought I found them.  Life is psychedelic enough without eating hallucinogens).

Valerie Worth wrote this in her book  All the Small Poems:


The mushroom pushes

Its soft skull

Up through the soil,

Spreads its frail

Ribs into full

Pale bloom,

And floats,

A dim ghost,

Above the tomb

Where an oak’s

Old dust lies

Flourishing still.

And finally, here is a furry critter enjoying himself that I saw this morning:

  Have a sweet day!