The Robins family, a pair of budding young architects, is visiting Frog & Toad Farm this week.  Having just relocated, they are eager to start a family and have spent a lot of time looking at vacant lots and developed neighborhoods in both urban and rural areas.  They had a “eureka” moment two days ago after finding the perfect locale for their dream home and were eager to share it with us.

Their design style is very organic, using natural materials in earth tones whenever possible.  The Robins believe in the beauty of perfect symmetry and balance. They believe it is essential to blend in with the natural environment.  Also, they are concerned with having easy access to both food and drink of high quality with seasonal ingredients.  Safety and security are of some importance as well, since they expect to have frequent visitors, especially after their babies are born. And, there are some foxy folks in this neck of the woods!

I would love to share some pictures of their new construction:


Close up. Their nesting instinct is evident.

This provides some context.

Here you can see the importance of symmetry, balance and beauty in their choice of environment.

I will keep all of my friends alerted to developments as they work toward filling their nest!  

We had other visitors this week:

a bullfrog

Another bullfrog

A great time was had by all!            

Enjoying a day without rain.