I never even knew that it existed until I moved to Ohio!  In fact, I am not sure if I had even seen one until we moved to Frog & Toad Farm a handful of years ago.  The first time I walked across the north side in late May, I was struck by its nearly perfect symmetry. Not only that, Mother Nature in her divine wisdom planted a group of them in a pattern that both enclosed and directed me forward. They just belonged there and made me feel as if I just belonged there, too.

Tuliptree is the common name for the Yellow-poplar.  Walt Whitman called it the “Apollo of the woods” in reference to its grace and it’s tall, columnar trunk.  The leaves are shiny green, fairly large and wide, with usually 4 paired lobes on a long stalk.  However, that’s not the most amazing part:  it produces very beautiful, strikingly bright large orange and light green cup-shaped flowers each spring.  They start at the top of the tree and gradually open at the ends of branches all the way down.  Today I saw that the magic act had just begun at the tree top. Here is a picture I took last  spring:

A tulip from one of our White-poplars

Perhaps one of my readers can tell me if they are indigenous further east of Ohio, where I may have seen them years ago, if I had looked. When we humans stop believing that we are  soooo important, the world becomes so fabulous!