If I published pictures of beautiful tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers you would be bored, right?  So instead you are in for a few surprises:

This miraculous creature was very camouflaged among the leaves of my tomato plant.  For a couple of days I knew she was present, because some leaves were disappearing and a pile of black droppings were appearing in their place.  But, I could not find the caterpillar.  The first day I spent 20 minutes examining every leaf and branch on the plant and never found her! On the second day I found this beauty and, please forgive me, I asked my husband take her away to squish her out of my sight. How long can I keep believing that he just carried her far away and released her to feast on wild plants???

That story is just to whet (Or is it wet?  Help me here!) your appetite!  Surprise #2 was growing on my Sugarsnap Peas:

A green beauty

Do you see him?  If not, try the next picture.

Do you see me now?

another view

This awesome little guy is a Gray Treefrog, which may leave you wondering why he is green.  He has the ability to change color as camouflage.  It’s also interesting that he is the largest of the treefrogs!  (He is only about 1 and 1/4 inch.)

Here are a few more cool things growing in and around my garden:

Meyer lemons


Cooper's Hawk

unidentified water creature

pugs in a row

Thanks for reading my post!