It was a very dark, extremely cold, and blizzardy night at Frog & Toad Farm.  When I looked out my back window, I was shocked to see a window in the distance with a distinctly red light in it.  Like many of you, I have been to Las Vegas and Amsterdam, watched countless old westerns as a youngun’, have plowed through way too many period dramas, and have a pretty good idea what that international symbol means. I feared for my neighborhood!


Red window in the distance

And then I remembered:  What do you call a building full of females with a red light in the window?  My hen house with a warming lamp on a seriously frigid night!  Last week was the first time we had used the lamp, because the temperature was dipping into single digits.  In spite of the posts I’ve read on saying that chickens can tolerate even sub-zero temperatures as long as they can go inside, I couldn’t stand the thought of my sweet girls huddling together and shivering after a busy day laying and clucking.  I would feel sooo guilty if Yetta had frostbite on her floppy comb or Rosie on her soft wattle. After adding the lamp to the coop I felt like a good chicken-mama indeed!

The next morning I went out as soon as I woke up to check on them and they were as beautiful and chipper as ever. See for yourself.